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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

The first thing I do in the morning is I head to the bathroom. Among other things, I look in the mirror to see the destruction and devastation that 8 hours of sleep has brought upon my face. It’s never a good sight. I have Panda eyes, Rooster hair, and sheet wrinkle creases all over one side of my face like a crisp toasty. Sadly, the mirror never lies.

A mirror is honest in every way. When my wife gets herself ready to go out for a date night or a wedding or something, she will ask me; “How do I look?” or “Do I look big in this?” or “Does this go with that?”. Of course, a seasoned husband has learned to always answer positively and tell his wife in the most convincing way what she wants to hear. It doesn’t matter what I say though because she goes back to the mirror and apparently the mirror rarely agrees with me.

The Bible is very much like a mirror in that it reveals to humanity the truth about who we are. When we read it, it does not lie, and it does not look good for humanity either, especially beyond the grave. It reveals to us the reality of human sin and the consequences of being a sinner. When God created man and woman, they did not obey him. When God in love established the nation of Israel to love and follow him, they kept rebelling and turning away from him. God kept forgiving them and drawing them back to himself but Israel kept on sinning. Eventually, Israel was judged and was left awaiting a Messiah. That Messiah was Jesus. Jesus came not only for Israel but for the whole world so that everyone might have the opportunity to repent and trust in him for salvation.

Although Jesus was God become man and was like us in every way, he was also unlike us in that he remained sinless. Jesus is God himself and therefore cannot be anything but sinless. He had to be sinless and blameless in order to be eligible to take upon himself the guilt and shame of our sin on the cross so that he might bear the eternal punishment we deserve.

So, the Bible does two things:

  1. It reveals the truth about the destruction of sinful humanity and the consequence thereof.
  2. It shows a way of redemption – a way for us to be bought back by the atoning sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ – a price paid in full.

God has every right to abandon and abolish a creation which has despised and turned against him despite the immeasurable love he displays. Although God is a just God and must punish sin, he is also a God of love. By his grace he has supplied all our needs in Jesus Christ; the Saviour of the world, who willingly came to offer himself as a sacrifice to be punished by the Father in our place.

A mirror never lies, it reflects the truth of the outward appearance. Likewise, the Bible never lies. It reflects the inward nature of humanity but does something a mirror does not do. The Bible points to someone who is beautiful in every way; a shining light amid darkness, a shepherd to the sheep and a fortress to the lost: Jesus Christ. Jesus is our hope for the forgiveness of sin and a life of absolute joy in union with him.

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